Bank of America Pavilion, Boston

tensile_bankpav_1 tensile_bankpav_2 tensile_bankpav_3

> Client: ………SFX Entertainment Corporation
> Location:……South Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
> Statistics:……5,200 seat amphitheater with permanent stage and backstage facilities. All zoning and building code approvals obtained.

Design work included the stage house, catwalk, site planning, ancillary buildings, and seating arrangements with egress calculations...

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BankBoston Music Pavilion

tensile_bankboston_1 tensile_bankboston_2 tensile_bankboston_3

> Client: ………Concept Commission
> Location:……Boston, Massachusetts

Concept Design for a permeant public assembly building to complement the original building designed by A.Form Architecture pc. The concept design identified costs and projected revenues for the facility capital improvement analysis.

SummerWind Performing Art Center

tensile_swind_1 tensile_swind_2 tensile_swind_3

> Client: ………Celebrate Windsor, The Town of Windsor, Connecticut
> Location:……Windsor, Connecticut
> Statistics:……Seating for 6,000 persons
> Consultant:Fabric Contractor - Birdair, Inc.

The Town of Windsor, Connecticut is poised to make the SummerWind amphitheater a world class venue in their community and the performing arts world. The facility seats 1500 persons under a tensile roof with 4,500 persons on lawn seating. Picnicking is encouraged and the acoustics are exceptional!

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SummerWind Performing Arts Center Proposal

tensile_swindprop_1 tensile_swindprop_2 tensile_swindprop_3

> Client:……….Summer Wind Performing Arts Center
> Location:……Windsor, Connecticut

Answering a Request For Proposal (RFP), A.Form Architecture pc was selected out of six other architectural firms to design a proposed outdoor amphitheater for the Town of Windsor, Connecticut.
The following images and drawings illustrate an “Arch” scheme which was proposed first to the town. Given an unknown height restriction for the site, the scheme was abandoned.
The benefits to this scheme allows for unobstructed views to the stage for the entire audience while giving multiple…

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Existing Patio Tensile Cover

tensile_mirbeau_1 tensile_mirbeau_2 tensile_mirbeau_3

> Client:……….Mirbeau Spa
> Location:……Skaneateles, New York

The patio roof cove is based on the structural principle of tensegrity, thus allowing the roof loads to be evenly distributed vertically down to eliminate tiebacks, large foundations, and minimally impact the wooded site.

An Existing Building as a "Kit of Parts"

tensile_kit_1 tensile_kit_2 tensile_kit_3

> Client: ………Concept
> Location:……Cyber Space

Concept: A.Form Architecture pc was contracted to study the potential of reusing “existing building components,” to create new potential buildings in other spaces.
We approached this assignment by reducing the existing structural components to a “Structural Kit of Parts.” The structural kit of parts consists of 10 gothic truss sections in five different radii, two truss sections make up one truss section, leaving us with 10 truss sections.
Our main goal was to loosen our client’s thinking about their existing building and show the potential and versatility to create a wide range of new programs, from band shells, exhibition halls, and special event spaces.
Our computer modeling techniques assisted in visualizing our concepts.

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Modification of Rental Tent Structures

tensile_55water_1 tensile_55water_2

> Client: ………n/a
> Location:……New York, New York

A.Form Architecture pc suggested modifications to an existing rental tent building system for use on a 3rd floor plaza of a building in NYC. Modifications were necessary due to site constraints and a desire to enclose as much of the plaza as possible. A.Form Aarchitecture pc also worked as the liaison between the manufacture, installer building Owner and Architect.

Tavern on the Green Patio Dining & Canopy

tensile_tog_1 tensile_tog_2 tensile_tog_3

> Client: ………Tavern on the Green
> Location:……Central Park, New York, New York
> Statistics:……Temporary patio enclosure for the winter

Contracted by on to New York’s most famous restaurants, A.Form Architecture pc were retained as specialists in fabric design and engineering.
The restaurant wanted to utilize the large outdoor patio for events during the winter months, while also offering the tradition open patio during the summer months. We conceived fabric umbrella’s to deal with the patios complex geometry, easy removal for the summer season, and complete enclosure for the winter season.

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Japanese Mission to the United Nations

tensile_jap_1 tensile_jap_2 tensile_jap_3

> Client: ………Platt Beyer Dovell Architects
> Location:……New York, New York
> Statistics:……200 sq ft area, Aluminum structural members, engineered for full snow and wind loads

A.Form Architecture pc was contracted by Platt Beyer Dovell Architects to submit a proposal for a custom entrance canopy. The canopy will compliment the current renovate to this landmark 100 year building.
Inspired from Japanese kite design, we developed a very light and floating canopy which has minimal interface with the buildings facade, thus satisfying the building landmark status rules and regulations.

By working directly with a fabricator...

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Banco Popular Building Banner

tensile_banco_1 tensile_banco_2 tensile_banco_3

> Client:……….Queat Management, Inc.
> Location:……Puerto Rico
> Statistics:……9,000 sq ft Fabric Banner

The Banco Popular building banner is a bold step for advertising in Puerto Rico. Project management by Quest Management, Inc. of Puerto Rico, is taking advantage of new printing techniques on large fabric panels to spearhead a bold advertising campaign for Banco Popular.
Technically, the 9,000 square foot fabric sign panel is a solar shading system reducing the solar heat gain by about 30%, where applied...

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Regent Wall Street Restaurant Expansion

tensile_regent_1 tensile_regent_2 tensile_regent_3

> Client:……….Stamford Tent and Party Rental, Inc.
> Location:……New York, New York
> Statistics:……1,500 sq ft fabric restaurant enclosure, with integrated lighting and heating/cooling systems. Demountable temporary construction for ease of disassembly in winter months.

M/G Architects and the Regent Wall Street Hotel requested our assistance to design a “temporary” structure for this Landmark building. The design in tent was to create and enclosed patio dining area off the Regent’s existing second floor restaurant.
Together with Stamford Tend and Fabric Structures, Inc., A.Form Architecture pc designed an exciting space that utilized views from the second floor terrace, provided full enclosure for the spring and the fall months, while providing...

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Energy and Transportation for the Future

special_energy_1 special_energy_2

> Client:……….Sustainable Development International
> Location:……United Nations North Law, New York, New York
> Statistics:……25,000 sq ft floor area, with conference and hospitality areas

In collaboration with Robert Webb Associates, an architectural firm focusing on “Design for Sustainability,” we are developing a deployable exhibition hall to showcase positivee sustainable solutions for energy and transportation. The exhibit is to run parallel with the ninth session of the UN Commission of Sustainable Development, Spring 2001.
The exhibit hall is a series of simple timber arches linked together with a fabric skin. The exhibit hall is scheduled to travel, so the structures ability to store, assemble and disassemble in paramount to the design development.

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Temporary Stage Cover

tensile_portsm_1 tensile_portsm_2

> Client: ………Competition
> Location:……Portsmouth, New Hampshire
> Statistics:……2,000 sq ft fabric stage cover, rigging and lighting truss integrated to fabric for ease of assembly
> Phase:………Never Built, Concept only

This 2,000 square foot stage cover is designed to be part of the scenic designers pallet. The performance facility presents varying shows from Peter Pan to Rock and Roll. The rigging grid/ lighting grid responds to the production schedule.
The structure combines the cover and the lighting grid to form an aluminum shell structure. The angle and hight of the grid is adjustable to meet each show’s changing program, as well as dropping for summer storms or winter months. The fabric is non structure and replaceable, thus allowing different fabric colors...

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XM Satellite Radio NASCAR

tensile_nascar_1 tensile_nascar_2 tensile_nascar_13

> Client: ………US Concepts, Inc.
> Location:……Various throughout the United States

To showcase the introduction of digital radio in conjunction with the NASCAR racing circuit, A.Form Architecture pc designed this canopy structure to become a beacon within a sea of sponsorship and advertising.
Interfacing with US Concepts, Inc. and the tensile fabricator, A.Form Architecture pc designed the structure to move around the country to meet a grueling schedule. The canopy needed to be lightweight and erected within a minimum time frame, thus leading us to use simple detailing and cladding techniques.
A successful season proved to be rewarding for...

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AT&T Global Olympic Pavilion

tensile_attolymp_1 tensile_attolymp_2 tensile_attolymp_3

> Client:……… AT&T Communication, Inc.
> Location:……1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta, Georgia
> Statistics:……40,000 sq ft athlete’s pavilion and outdoor concert Pavilion
> Consultant:FTL Associates

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympiad, Tribe, Inc. contracted FTL/Happold to design an unprecedented hospitality and communications center for Olympians and their families.
As Senior Architect for the architectural/engineering team and Project Architect, Andrew Formichella, president of A.Form Architecture pc, was one of the chief design team members responsible for designing signature architectural elements, overseeing all architectural and entering design presentations, and supervising the in-house engineering staff.

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AT&T Fabric Bridge Cover

tensile_attbrid_1 tensile_attbrid_2 tensile_attbrid_3

> Client: ………Momentum IMC
> Location:……1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta, Georgia
> Statistics:……16’ wide x 50’ long curved vinyl coated polyester

The award winning AT&T bridge cover was designed by Andrew Formichella. Working Directly with the fabricator, Fabric Sturctures, Inc., we streamlined the design and contraction process, the constraints of the budget and schedule were eliminated.
The bridge cover was designed and produced within 6 weeks. Our detail techniques and cooperation with the fabricator brought in exactly on time and on budget.
The design was sensitive to...

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Special Events Pavilion for Athens 2004

special_athens_1 special_athens_2 special_athens_3

> Client: ………International Rigging, Inc.
> Location:……Olympic Games, Athens, Greece

The client desired a temporary structure to resemble the original specifications of the Parthenon. A.Form Architecture pc researched and designed the structure out of stock trussing, provided by International Rigging, Inc., to numerically and proportionally matched the original Parthenon.

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Product Design Feasibility and Study Models

special_losb_1 Pasted Graphic 24 special_losb_3

> Client: ………Worldwide Tenting Manufacturer
> Statistics:……Module system of interlocking components

A.Form Architecture pc worked together with a leading tent manufacturer to develop a module system of tent products that could be used world wide.
The object of this exercise was to create modular tent systems. The systems will need to be arranged in various configurations to satisfy infinite possibilities. This would be beneficial to a variety of clients needed within the special events and production world as well as many other industries across the globe.
The ability to physically model each module in wood helped the manufacturer to visualize the scale of each module...

Momra Rooftop Recreation Center

tensile_momra_1 tensile_momra_2 tensile_momra_3

> Client: ………Minister of the Interior, Saudi Arabia
> Location:……Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
> Statistics:……8,000 sq ft Recreation center
> Consultant:FTL Associates

The MOMRA Penthouse in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is an 8,000 square foot roof top recreation Center for Riyadh’s Ministry of Public Affairs.
As Senior architect with FTL/Happold, Andrew Formichella oversaw all architectural and engineering design presentations and construction documentation of this exciting building. The scope of work also included full interior design and furniture design.
The tensile structures supporting columns, or “trees” created a clear interior space for squash courts and other sports…

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Nautica, Inc. Window Displays

tensile_nautica_1 tensile_nautica_2

> Client: ………Reid Dalland, Inc.
> Location:……Rockerfeller Center, New York, New York
> Statistics: …. 15 Fabric Sails

Retained by the fabricator for this retail installation, A.Form Architecture pc defined a complex construction geometry through series of 3D Cad computer models.
The challenge was constructing a wind blown sails effect, as the established 2 dimensional Nautica, Inc. logo suggests. Through the creative use of stretch fabric, fiberglass rods and aircraft cabling, the team achieved a convincing 3 dimension logo version.
Reid Dalland, Inc. manufactured and installed 15 sails for the client to showcase in the Nautica flagship store windows...

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Staten Island Esplanade

tensile_stat_1 tensile_stat_3 tensile_stat_3

> Client: ………Economic Development of New York City
> Location:……Staten Island, New York
> Statistics:……12 identical units at 400 sq ft each
> Consultant:FTL Associates

As Senior architect with FTL/Happold, Andrew Formichella led the combined architectural/engineering team to design and produce this sculptural overlook element. It’s a choice location to view the New York City skyline from Staten Island.
Being on an overhead bus ramp, the structure needed to transmit the perpendicular structural loads into the existing structural system. This constraint drove the design process.
Working directly with the steel fabricator….

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VSI Pavilion

tensile_vsi_1 tensile_vsi_2

> Client: ………Visual Services, Inc.
> Location:……A traveling structure - throughout the continental United States
> Statistics:……8,000 sq ft traveling theater
> Consultant:FTL Associates

An 8,000 square foot traveling theater, the VSI Pavillion was designed to be assembled in less than 12 hours. Two units were produced.
As Senior architect with FTL/Happold, Andrew Formichella led the combined architectural/engineering team. David Burke, Associate, A.Form Architecture pc, coordinated and produced the design and technical documents.
To produce a successful touring venue for the owner, design services that closely coordinated…

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Finnish Chancery Covered Walkway

tensile_finnish_1 tensile_finnish_2

> Client: ………The Finnish Government
> Location:……Washington, D.C.
> Statistics: Demountable fabric for the winter months
> Consultant:FTL Associates

As Senior architect with FTL/Happold, Andrew Formichella managed the design-build contract for the Finnish Chancery Covered Walkway in Washington, D.C.
Interfacing between the Finnish design architect, a Whashington based construction company, a British design engineer, and an “in house” fabric subcontractor, priced to be a rewarding learning experience for all involved.
The “hands on” approach to this work also included...

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